Kangaroo’s One Size Elbow Length Black Opera Satin Gloves, Flapper Accessories


Price: $7.95

18.5 Inch Flapper Gloves Are Elbow Length And Made Perfectly To Be Tight And Slightly Passed The Elbows On Children & Comfortable and Slightly Before The Elbows On Adult Women; They Remain Fashionable And Comfortable And We Believe They Are The Nicest Costume Gloves On The Market; They Are Perfect Halloween Gloves, Dance Or Ballet Gloves And Are Great For Flapper Costumes Or The Opera!18.5″ Long Black Satin Gloves By 4 1/8″ Wide; One Size Black Satin Opera Gloves; Womens Formal Gloves; 20s Flapper Gloves; Flapper Dress Gloves
Opera / Flapper Gloves Made From Stretchy Fabric Made To Fit Children & Adults
Includes: One Pair Of Black Elbow Gloves; Stretchable Satin; 1920s Flapper Gloves; 1920s Flapper Accessories; 20s Flapper Accessories
Would be Large On Toddlers And Snug On Men: Made For Women Of All Ages And Girls 7 And Up; Black Opera Gloves, 1920 Flapper Gloves; flapper 1920s gatsby accessories; flapper party accessories; vintage flapper gloves; flapper style gloves; womens flapper costume accessories; 1920 flapper dress accessories; flapper dresses 1920s accessories; formal dress gloves; 20’s flapper gloves
Perfect Opera Gloves; Perfect Flapper Gloves; Great For Ballet And Dance Costumes; Black Over Elbow Gloves; Long Black Gloves Satin; Black Formal Gloves; 1920 Flapper Accessories; Flappers Accessories; Perfect w/ Vintage Flapper Accessories; Perfect for Any Flapper Accessories Kit; Flapper 1920s Accessories; flapper gatsby accessories; plus size flapper accessories; flapper dress accessories; ADULT or Child Flapper Accessories; Perfect for a flapper accessory pack; 1930s flapper accessories

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